Advocacy, Challenges, and the Public Good November 6 & 7, 2017


Note: These materials are also archived on the UNI Education Summit site on UNI ScholarWorks. 


"You Can Be a Bridge:" Toward Cultural Citizenship in Elementary Classrooms (presentation also available in PDF)
Dr. Noreen Naseem Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University


Re-Framing Master Narratives of Dis/ability Through an Emotion Lens: Sophia Cruz’s LD Story at her Intersections
Dr. David Hernandez-Saca, Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa


Google Technology as Inclusive Practice for the Universally Designed Classroom
Patti Bahr, Director, Iowa Center for Assistive Technology Education and Research (ICATER); Dr. Christina Curran, Associate Professor, University of Northern Iowa; Sarah Lalk, Tech Services Coordinator, AEA 267; Lea Ann Peschong, Consultant, AEA 267


Filling the Gap for English Language Learning from Underrepresented Language Students (ELL-UL)
Milan M’Enesti, Doctoral Candidate, University of Oregon


UNI Teacher Preparation: Iowa Principals’ Perceptions
Dr. Victoria Robinson, Associate Vice President for Educator Preparation, University of Northern Iowa; Dr. Mary Losch, Director, Center for Social and Behavioral Research, University of Northern Iowa


Students with an EDGE: Community Partnerships that Support All Learners
Dr. Jill Janes, Director of Innovative Learning, Boone CSD; Kris Byam, Principal, Boone High School

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